The environment in focus on the streets

Environmental issues have greatly marked the narratives of the international media, and in 2019 events generated global discomfort about how nature has been devastated by human action. Come and learn about the major concerns and some of the international movements. The issues of sustainability of the planet are far from being new. Nevertheless, along with an increasingly attentive people, due to the awareness action moved by the media; also the international events would create a particular attention on this issue in the year that has just ended.

At various times in recent years, we have seen worrying events, which take millions of people to the streets, in , in defense of the environment.Young and tough voices, like that of the young environmentalist Greta Thunberg, have also served to generate some controversy, which also helps to ensure that the world looks at environmental issues. With all this in mind, it is worth thinking about some of the situations that we have seen in recent years and the movements undertaken to counteract them. Learn more about how the environment is focused on the streets.

The thaw and global warmingThe

news that Greenland would have lost 40th of its icy layer in less than a day or the picture of the polar bear killed by starvation have raised big questions about global warming and how to combat it.

The fires and the devastation

of the Amazon


the months of January and August 2019, South America was the target of more than 60,000 fires, many of which occurred in the Amazon. This situation worried the world for two main reasons: for the devastation of one of the main lungs of the Earth; and for the way it was being promoted for economic reasons and to privilege Brazilian companies.

Many demonstrations have taken thousands of people to the streets, all over the world, in a criticism of the policies of Jair Bolsonaro.

Crude oil on the oceansidesThe

release of crude oil and the pollution of the oceans was another of the themes that led to international protests involving Brazil.Madrid was the place where most people demonstrated, together with the organisation, and the protest took place at Repsol's headquarters during the United Nations Conference on Climate Change, mentioning in particular the 10,000 tonnes of crude oil spilled on the Brazilian coast.

The fires in AustraliaAlso

Sydney received protests, due to the various outbreaks of fire that are destroying the Australian forests.The shocking images of recent events led to the local government being accused, in various protests, of inaction; and its attitude towards local mining exploitation was criticized.Despite the smoke and the toxicity of the air, hundreds of people joined the demonstrations.