Enjoy music better with MyFit Solutions 3D printed earmolds

MyFit Solutions is a young startup based in Lyon (France) that specializes in the design of custom earphone tips using 3D printing technologies. Collaborating with 3D Erpro, the startup prints on Carbon devices and uses biocompatible materials. Additive manufacturing processes allow the French company to design ear tips that perfectly match the structure inside the user's ears.

An original and welcome solution

The wired and wireless in-ear headset industry has been booming in recent years as users continue to seek discreet and stylish, yet high-performance equipment. If it is true that companies like Sony with its WF-1000XM3 or Apple with its AirPods are well advanced in this field, an undeniable observation can be made: the majority of the available earphone models are quite capricious and it is difficult for users to really stabilize them in their ears.

In order to have custom designed earpieces, one must then turn to audiologists and accept to spend a generally very high amount of money. In such a context, the creation of MyFit Solutions appears to be a timely alternative.3D printing is conquering more and more fields, from health care to the automotive industry, and of course the computer industry. Even casinos are using 3D printers for their activities! Thus, faced with the difficulties of adapting in-ear earphones to the users' morphology, 3D printing seems to offer an excellent solution. MyFit Solutions understood just that.

How does MyFit Solutions use 3D printing to design earphones?

The earphones proposed by the Lyon-based startup are obtained following a very precise process.

In particular, the startup has designed an application for users. This application works with principles of augmented reality. Thanks to it, users can scan their ear to obtain a 3D reproduction faithful to reality. In only 15 seconds, about 15 measuring points are taken.

On the basis of the measurements, a 3D model of the in-ear ear tips is then produced and reworked by MyFit Solutions to correspond as precisely as possible to the scanned morphology. This model is then transmitted to Erpro, to be materialized with 3D Carbon printers. The 3D Carbon printers work thanks to the Digital Light Synthesis technology. With this technology, oxygen is controlled during the chemical reaction, making the photo-polymerization of the resin faster.MyFit Solutions' 3D tips are currently available for six earphones on the market.

However, mindful of the needs of its users, the startup allows them to request additional compatibility via their website. The biocompatible silicone used for the 3D printing of the ear tips is characterized by a soft touch and excellent tear resistance.